Grandmother plays Wii Fit every day for over 10 years

While many of use relegated our Nintendo Wii peripherals to acting as dust collectors in the back corners of closets after the console faded from relevance, one woman’s dedication to the system’s fitness program never wavered. This sporty grandmother has been using her Wii Fit game every day for the past 10 years. That’s almost 4,000 days in a row that she has taken out the little white balance board and got down to business.

The amazing commitment to fitness, not to mention the 2006 motion controlled console, was first brought to light yesterday when the woman’s grandson took to Twitter to share proof of his grandmother’s achievement. Super Rare Games boss George Perkins posted the pic of his smiling relative in front of the Wii Fit startup screen which reports that this was its user’s 3,949th day using the game. This calculates to nearly eleven years.

The news is certainly the best bit of unintentional marketing the Wii console has received in quite some time, but it’s not the first Nintendo game to inspire such a dedication to gameplay. Just last month, news emerged of another elderly woman who had put over 3,000 hours into the 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The 87-year-old has had her achievement posted to YouTube by her grandson also, showcasing a town with a nice house that is also overflowing with flowers.

Cases such as these seem to be becoming more and more frequent as members of older generations find themselves falling in love with video games. Most famously is Shirley Curry, known by her YouTube handle Grandma Curry, the 82-year-old who has more than 300 videos on her channel of her playing through Skyrim. Curry’s videos have become immensely popular, netting the grandmother over 100,000 subscribers and a dedicated fanbase.