Pokemon Sword and Shield revealed; here’s everything we know so far

During an impromptu Pokemon Nintendo Direct, the new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games were revealed. Alongside the announcement itself, viewers got to learn new information about the Gen 8 Pokemon game, including new Pokemon starters, the new Galar region, and more. We also got to see (not final) gameplay that offered a glimpse at what players could experience when the game launches in late 2019.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are completely new RPG entries to the series and will take place in the never seen before Galar region. The livestream opened with shots of wide landscape, demonstrating the expansive farmlands and countryside which will feature in the game alongside industrial settings. The ability to be a boy or a girl is also featured. The exploration of the world shows that the game will be presented in third-person like the recent Pokemon entries, as opposed to a fixed camera.  The reveal of the games’ titles showed off new logos which includes a sword and shield topped with a wolf-like emblem. As we’ve seen with previous Pokemon games, the logos often tease at each game’s respective legendary. Perhaps wolf-type legendaries will come into play at some stage.

Next, there was short introductions to each of the new starter Pokemon. The starter Pokemon include Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. Pokemon Sword and Shield look set to be the grandest looking entries into the series yet, with the shots from the game concluding with a clip of a trainer entering a large stadium to do battle.

The Pokemon Nintendo Direct ended with the announcement the games will be available on the Nintendo Switch in late 2019. Fans are also reassured Nintendo has plenty more planned for the Pokemon brand alongside these new releases.

You can watch the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Nintendo Direct presentation below: