Dead or Alive 6 trailer heralds the return of Raidou

The Dead or Alive 6 trailer is here and it heralds the return of Raidou, the penultimate boss character from the very first game in the Dead or Alive franchise. Raidou is a nukenin (“missing ninja”) from the Mugen Tenshin clan that Ayane and Kasumi belong to. He proved to be a terribly tough battle for players in the finest traditions of fighting games, and now he’s set to make his return as shown in the Dead or Alive 6 trailer.

The first few moments of the Dead or Alive 6 trailer open with a handful of rapid fight scenes. These battles (and the subsequent content) are all from an in-development version, but it certainly looks pretty sharp! The game features a cast of 25 characters including two new additions: the American street fighter Diego and the Mist scientist NiCO. We get to see a good bit of in-game combat include the new Fatal Rush combo system—a powerful attack that can only be countered by a Break Hold.

The remainder of the trailer focuses on the game’s story, highlighting a number of different cutscenes where we can see the return of classic characters like Marie Rose and Honoka alongside some of the newer faces. The trailer closes out with the reveal that Raidou (the first boss from Dead or Alive) has been revived and is making his return once again. He’s sure to be a challenging fight as always!

Dead or Alive 6 is the latest game in the franchise and has lofty goals: it seeks to merge what appeals to Western and Asian gamers into one package. Our review of the game says that it largely succeeded in this goal, although there are some issues with the story not exactly being up to par with previous entries. Overall, it makes for an excellent new entry in the franchise. You can watch the Dead or Alive 6 trailer for yourself below. Dead or Alive 6 is available to purchase on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One for $59.99 or your regional equivalent.