The Division 2 Open Beta extended, new end date revealed

The official Twitter account for the game confirmed The Division 2 open beta has been extended. The open beta began on March 1 and was scheduled to run until today, March 4. However, in response to a question on Twitter, the official account responded to say the open beta will continue.

According to the tweet, The Division 2 open beta is now extended until “March 5th 10 AM CET/1 AM PST/6 PM AET/6PM JST,” which gives players an extra day to give the beta a try. The popularity of the beta so far isn’t known, however the game’s private beta broke records for Ubisoft. Players participated in the private beta for an average of five hours each. Along with the impressive beta figures, The Division 2 also surpassed its predecessor in pre-orders. The sequel received six times the amount of pre-orders on Ubisoft’s digital distribution platform Uplay.

The open beta itself has already led to the discovery of numerous in-game bugs. One of the stranger bugs was gunfire in the game not producing sound. The cause behind the issue is unclear and there is no solution beyond system reboots. Another bug saw players unable to progress with the mission “Grand Washington hotel.” Once again, the issue seems unavoidable beyond restarting the mission.

The implementation of The Division 2’s betas have been a mixed bag so far. Despite numerous bugs, player numbers indicate interest in the title. However, developer Massive Entertainment has a mishap in the announcement of the game’s open beta itself. During a livestream, one of the game’s developers stated a glitch in the private beta would be solved in the open beta. The livestream was broadcast before the open beta was announced.

For those still looking to get their hands of The Division 2 open beta, we can help you out if you aren’t sure what download files are required. Players still on the fence can take a look at the rewards available for taking part in the open beta.