Apex Legends Battle Pass: Respawn is ‘working hard’ on more content

The Apex Legends Battle Pass is still being worked on by the folks at Respawn Entertainment. Company CEO Vince Zampella took to Twitter yesterday to respond to someone who had inquired about the status of the battle pass. Mr. Zampella responded to the person in question with a bit of incredulity, highlighting the fact that the game has barely been out a month. Nonetheless, he (hopefully) assuaged the Twitter user’s impatience a bit by giving us a small update on the status of things.

For those of you who don’t really play battle royale games, a battle pass in this context is kind of like a season pass for DLC. Players who purchase the pass will be able to unlock additional content for the duration of the pass’s validity depending on the game. Typically, a battle pass is only valid for a limited amount of time. The exact contents and mechanics behind this kind of item is unique to every game, and we still don’t yet have details on the Apex Legends battle pass.

As a point of comparison, the Fortnite battle pass for Season 8 has a hefty chunk of loot available. Players in that game can potentially earn experience boosts, emotes, and various other cosmetic items. Apex Legends typically focuses on equipping players with character and weapon skins, stat trackers, and various animated banner effects for their character cards. There aren’t any emotes or similar items in Apex Legends as of yet, so one might wonder what exactly they’re going to fill the content out with.

The roadmap for the game stated that we should be getting the Apex Legends battle pass sometime in March 2019. We’re four days in and we haven’t heard much about it aside from Mr. Zampella’s comment. It’s therefore very possible that we won’t get our hands on it until closer to the end of the month. For now, all we can do is have some patience and wait to see what kind of cool stuff Respawn Entertainment has cooked up for us.