Days Gone campaign will have six hours of cutscenes

It’s been known for some time now that the Days Gone campaign will have around 30 hours of gameplay on the “golden path,” but we’ve just recently learned that six of those hours will be taken up by cutscenes. That means that the average player who hits most of the story beats in a single playthrough will be spending about 20 percent of their time watching movies play out, rather than playing this upcoming zombie shooter for the PS4.

Days Gone is an open world, third-person game set in a world that has been ravaged by zombie-like creatures that the developers are definitely not calling zombies. (The baddies in this game are known as “Freakers.”) As with any open world game, it’s a little hard to pin down exactly how long it takes to complete it. (Any Skyrim player can tell you about the dozens of hours spent messing around with sidequests — I had hundreds of hours in the game before I ever fought Alduin myself.) Sony Bend recently revealed that the Days Gone campaign is estimated to take around 30 hours to complete, and six of those hours are cinematics.

While that’s a hefty chunk of cinematic exposition, that is not necessarily a damning indictment of this upcoming open world game from SIE Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment. After all, players will have a decently-sized map to explore and that can certainly throw off the ratios.

It’s not quite as bad as a Hideo Kojima game — I’m looking at you, every Metal Gear Solid game since the PlayStation — but that’s still a lot of stuff to watch. Still, it seems like players will be getting their hands on an open world with plenty to see and do.

You’ll be able to play the Days Gone campaign yourself when it launches sometime later this year.