The Sonic movie render has apparently leaked and it’s a bit horrifying

After many months of anticipation, the design of Sonic for the upcoming Sonic movie has finally leaked. And it may not be suitable for children or some adults. This render reveals what the blue hedgehog will likely look like in the upcoming film. Neither Sega nor Paramount Pictures has responded.

sonic movie what the hell is this thing

This cartoony look was revealed on the HC Associates website and tweeted out Wario64 on Twitter. However, this must have been an error as the link was broken and now comes up as a “page not found.”

Sonic’s new look was teased back in December though a poster but it was only a silhouette. It was a buffer version of the marsupial that wasn’t quite in line with past interpretations. Sega was allegedly not even quite happy with the design at the time as noted by the film’s executive producer, Tim Miller. The writers even told people to “relax” on Twitter.

The film is still set to come out on November 8, 2019 and this is best look we’ve gotten at the titular character. It’s unknown when we will get an official look at the Sega mascot’s live action film debut or if this is even accurate. Its quick deletion does give it more validity though.

Another photo of the character supposedly came out after the initial silhouette poster but it only showed the hedgehog’s chiseled legs. However, just a quick image search will show how many fakes are out there so it is worth being a bit skeptical until we see something official.

Even though this Sonic movie render of the character is CG, the movie stars real, live action people. Parks and Recreation and House of Lies star Ben Schwartz voices the hedgehog while Jim Carrey and James Marsden will be starring in the film as Doctor Robotnik and a local sheriff, respectively.