Battlefront 2 Anakin nerf inbound, hotfix to cap his now limited power

A new hotfix includes a Battlefront 2 Anakin nerf. The update to Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes after the sizeable Chosen One patch at the end of last month. The patch added a (too) powerful Anakin Skywalker, who EA has now decided to nerf with a hotfix. The hotfix will address the amount of damage Anakin’s heroic ability causes as well as its maximum radius.

The release notes for the hotfix were posted on the EA Battlefront forums by EA community manager Ben “F8RGE” Walke. In the post, Walke notes the exact change in statistics for Anakin. The max base damage of Anakin’s Heroic Impact ability will now be 450 points. The max radius of the ability will now be 20 meters. Fans of the game commented in the post, with the majority seeming happy with the change.

The hotfix featured other changes alongside the Battlefront 2 Anakin nerf. The post stated “based on community feedback” an issue with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s All-Out Push ability has been fixed. The ability’s damage reduction was remaining active even after the move had concluded. Other changes include disabling the scoring events which occur when a squad spawns on another player as well as AI starfighters flying out of bounds in the custom arcade.

Ben Walke announced the changes on Twitter and interacted with some fans asking about the hotfix. Walke gave the reason for the Anakin changes as “too many occurrences of getting killed without you even knowing he’s doing the ability.” Another user asked what the max radius is on Anakin’s other ability, Heroic Might. Walke simply responded “big.”

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Chosen One patch featured many changes and we detailed them here. One bonus included in the update was a free 60,000 credits gift. The addition of Anakin gained extra attention when Walke expressed that he was still committed to a Battlefront 2-related bet. The bet meant Walke promised that the character would say “I don’t like sand” during his appearances in the game.