The Division 2 dogs are sad and players want Ubisoft to let us pet them

The Division 2 dogs are peppered throughout the game world of Ubisoft’s latest shooter and add a nice touch to the game’s environment, making it feel just a little bit more alive. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has made a critical (and possibly unforgivable) error: players are unable to pet the dogs. What’s worse, these puppers are very sad.

We’ve only had The Division 2 in its beta form for a little while, but players have been all over the available playing area countless times. One of the many wonderful discoveries that players made was to find various The Division 2 dogs throughout the game world. Many games allow players to interact with peaceful wild animals, but this isn’t the case with The Division 2. Suffice it to say, a number of players were disappointed at the lack of an ability to pet the dogs.

Obviously, this is a mistake that immediately needs to be rectified. The Reddit thread on the /r/gaming subreddit shows an insane level of support for the idea. Of course, there are also plenty of in-jokes and the like, with one Redditor stating that you can only “Watch Dogs,” referring to the Ubisoft franchise Watch Dogs. Other Redditors mention that the ability to pet puppers was present in Far Cry and Red Dead Redemption 2, showing that both of those games were clearly made by developers who know what the people want.

At the moment, the ability to pet The Division 2 dogs is up in the air. Ubisoft has less than 10 days before the expected worldwide release of the studio’s sequel to 2016’s The Division. It’s only one animation and it may very well be possible for them to get it done in time, but game development can be a pretty complex process and they might not be able to get it in before launch. Hopefully, Ubisoft will recognize the community’s support for the idea and dedicate some resources towards getting it implemented.

[Header image credit: /u/VonRaf on Reddit]