Fortnite jump pad bug lets players smash scenery like The Hulk

Fortnite jump pad bug has popped up and allows players to cause terrible, terrible damage to the scenery around them with minimal effort. A specific interaction between the jump pad and a zipline effectively turns players into The Hulk, allowing them to smash through objects simply by walking through them.

/u/Zacki37 posted a video of the bug to the /r/FortniteBR subreddit, a community focused on the battle royale portion of the game. (Save the World players typically hang out over at /r/Fortnite, the original subreddit for the game prior to the launch of the battle royale game mode.) The video shows /u/Zacki37 hitting a jump pad, flying through the air for a bit, and landing. Things seem fine at first with the exception of a bugged animation—until he starts walking into objects. A fence is obliterated in a brilliant blue flash and things then descend into absolute chaos when he walks through a dense portion of a nearby building.

Unfortunately, activating the Fortnite jump pad bug is relatively simple. Players simply have to hit a jump pad and attempt to ride a zip line at the same time. It’s not the easiest bug to pull off, but /u/Zacki37 managed to pull it off on his second attempt while trying to capture it on video. The bugged zipline will remain floating above a player’s head to indicate that the bug has activated; you can then simply walk through any world objects and instantly destroy them.

Obviously, this Fortnite jump pad bug is bad news. The importance of natural and player-built cover and concealment is one of the things that makes Fortnite such a dynamic game. Let’s hope that Epic Games can get this fixed quickly.

[Header image credit: /u/Zacki37 on Reddit]

New jump pad bug. Whith this bug you can break everything in your way. from r/FortNiteBR