Emily is Away 3 announced, available ‘soonish’

Emily is Away 3 is the latest story from developer Kyle Seeley. The third game in Seeley’s acclaimed Emily is Away series. The game is set in an alternate 2008 where the player must manage their “Facenook” profile and engage with friends online.

It’s 2008 and AIM is dead.” Emily is Away 3 (stylized as Emily is Away <3) is a new story set after Emily is Away Too. Players must sign up for a Facenook account, send friend requests, instant message, and play through the game’s branching narrative. Like the previous games by Seeley, Emily is Away <3 uses nostalgia to draw players into memories and moments of a certain period of time. The game will be available “soonish” on Steam.

As a facsimile of Facebook, Facenook lets players set statuses, post on friends’ walls, get into poke wars and customize their profile. Other characters can react in a myriad number of ways, all to determine the outcome of the game’s story. A branching storyline and new ways to interact should increase the number of ways players can experience the game, allowing for more replayability.

The game’s announcement trailer quickly establishes the setting and general premise of Emily is Away <3. Quickly populating the main character Thomas Anderson’s profile a wave of nostalgia hits immediately. For example, his favorite music is Against Me!, Death Cab for Cutie, Kanye West, and Pendulum. His favorite films are Spirited Away, Final Destination 3, V for Vendetta, and Borat. Advertisements for “Grand Thumb Assault” and “The Incredible Hunk” line the side of your Facenook profile. It is 2008 and AIM is dead.

Seeley released Emily is Away in 2015 and drew a warm reception for the game’s presentation and characters. Nostalgic references to the mid-2000s were integral to the sequel, Emily is Away Too, when it released in May 2017. Primarily set in an AIM-esque chat client, the game was well-received — again for its story and presentation. The first Emily is Away is available for free on Steam.