Ready or Not gameplay trailer proves it isn’t just a Rainbow Six Siege clone

The first Ready or Not gameplay trailer has been released. The trailer showcases Void Interactive’s take on a tactical police game, seen as a spiritual successor to games like SWAT. Ready or Not sets itself apart from games like Rainbow Six Siege with its focus on realism and a story featuring AI squad mates.

“With Ready or Not, VOID Interactive aims to explore what it’s like to be an officer in the elite special weapons and tactics unit. Also known as, SWAT.” The focus on realism is emphasized throughout by the trailer’s narrator. “Collaborating with law enforcement, Void Interactive’s goal is to create an authentic and accurate tactical experience with Ready or Not.”

The gameplay itself focuses heavily on first-person action and strategy. We are told that levels are designed to be puzzles for the player to solve, utilizing randomly generated aspects to create a replayable experience. The player will be given a wide array of mechanics to be able to tackle these puzzles. The trailer emphasizes the importance of mission planning, you are able to decide the composition of your team as well as what armor and weapons you should take with you.

The game encourages a non-lethal approach, giving you a variety of tools to be able to apprehend subjects without causing casualties, from bean bag guns to tasers. However, within Ready or Not, you will encounter AI characters with different personalities and levels of volatility. This means things may not always go to play and “once provoked, the playing field becomes equal.”

Much of what plays out in the trailer seems to focus on the single-player “career” within the game. A story which will see you comes across “kingpins” and “beat cops.” During the career, your team is made up of A.I companions who you can command. The trailer does mention a co-op experience you can play with friends as well as PVP multiplayer. The multiplayer will feature dedicated servers, allowing you to construct games with your own rules and scenarios.

The trailer concludes by stating Ready or Not is available to pre-order on PC now. The projected release date for the game is Q4 2020. In the meantime, there will be a limited alpha in August 2019 and a limited beta in June 2020.