Ready Or Not News | Release Date, Alpha and Beta, Pre-Order Bonus, Special Edition

We finally have some more Ready Or Not news! Originally revealed back in 2017, the Ready Or Not release date has finally been announced, along with new footage demonstrating the project’s progress in the two years since. The new tactical first-person shooter developed by Void Interactive appears to be a spiritual successor to SWAT, with a strong emphasis on realism. With plans for both an alpha and beta version before the game fully releases, a playable build is expected to become available before the end of the year. Read on to find out more on the Ready Or Not release date, alpha and beta, pre-order bonus, and special edition.

Ready Or Not News | Release Date

Ready Or Not News

Ready Or Not is currently in the midst of development, and in a phase of pre-sale to drive further support for the title, but Void Interactive’s recent statement has given us an expectation of when we’ll see the final version of the game release. While there is no firm day of release, Void Interactive expect the full version of Ready Or Not to release in Q4 2020, so there could still be a while to wait. Of course, this estimation is subject to change, but a playable version is expected before the end of 2019.

The game is currently only expected to release on PC, with these editions available for pre-order from Void Interactive’s website, but that doesn’t rule out any console release. In particular, the recent wording of the pre-order trailer states, “Pre-orders are available now for PC editions of the game,” suggesting that the team is open to exploring an Xbox One, PS4, or even a Nintendo Switch release. However, these versions would not be likely to launch until the full PC version is expected in Q4 2020.

Ready Or Not News | Alpha and Beta

Ready Or Not News

For those PC players already anticipating the full Ready Or Not release date, a playable version of the game is expected to become available in the coming year. An alpha limited release is advertised to launch in August 2019, for supporters of the game to explore an early version of the tactical shooter. However, this is only available to pre-orders of the Ready Or Not Supporter Edition, which currently costs $119.99. Of course, the alpha limited release will only show an early in-progress snapshot of the game, so players wanting a fuller experience might want to wait for the beta release.

In June 2020, the beta limited release is expected to launch, and anyone who pre-orders the game will gain access to the beta. This includes the $40 Standard Edition of Ready Or Not, and will showcase a more detailed envisioning of the full experience after ten months of development following the expected launch of the Alpha. With a major emphasis on story-driven gameplay, the beta will hopefully showcase more of the political instability that drives the plot, before the full release in Q4 2020.

Ready Or Not News | Pre-Order Bonuses

Ready Or Not News

The recent announcement also indicates that Ready Or Not is now available for pre-order. The Standard Edition of the game will net you the full game when it releases around Q4 2020, as well as access to the beta limited release in June 2020, and currently costs $40. Digital pre-orders are currently listed on Steam and on Void Interactive’s website, but no further details have been announced on physical copies of the game.

All proceeds raised from the pre-sale will go entirely towards the development of the game, according to Void Interactive, as development still has a long way to go before the final Ready Or Not release date. However, any players invested in getting the most out of the game, and to play it as soon as possible, might want to investigate the Ready Or Not Supporter Edition pre-order.

Ready Or Not News | Special Edition

Ready Or Not News

The Supporter Edition currently costs $119.99 from the Void Interactive site, and includes a wider array of pre-order bonuses than the Standard edition. To begin with, the Supporter Edition grants access to the alpha limited release in August 2019, in addition to the Beta version. This edition also grants 25 percent off the first expansion of Ready Or Not, although no further details have been released surrounding the topic of DLC.

You also get the FBI HRT pack, themed around Hostage Rescue Team equipment, which includes a Polymer 80 “PF9C” weapon skin, a Mossberg 590 “Entryman” weapon skin, and an FBI “Defender” Tactical Shield. If that wasn’t enough, the first 1000 pre-orders of the Supporter Edition will get an official Ready Or Not mousepad, as the only physical merch available through the pre-orders, although it isn’t yet clear if these will be dispatched before the full Ready Or Not release date.

Ready Or Not vs Rainbow Six Siege

Ready Or Not News

The footage released in the pre-order trailer is certainly comparable to Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege, with gameplay emanating the same characteristics of police breach-and-clear. However, Void Interactive has made it clear that Ready Or Not isn’t just a Six Siege clone, highlighting the elements of realism and level of detail making it distinct from Ubisoft’s shooter. In particular, Ready Or Not includes options for non-lethal resolution across the story, enabling strategies more complex than just “shoot first, ask questions later.”

AI-driven squadmates are also expected to distinguish the game from Six Siege, with the ability to command your squad to execute specific actions, including simultaneous sniper shots. On the other hand, an intriguing political narrative will supposedly be delivered by an array of characterful NPCs, ranging from beat cops to mafia kingpins. In comparison to Six Siege, which is often rather lackluster in its narrative, Ready Or Not could make its mark in its story-driven elements, especially with the option of co-op gameplay.

However, while Void Interactive has detailed some of the online modes in development for Ready Or Not, the quality of Six Siege‘s online gameplay will be difficult to challenge. With the recent Operation Burnt Horizon event in Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, it’s clear that the community remains strong in Six Siege. It’s not yet clear if Void Interactive has the support or resources to unseat Ubisoft’s reign in tactical first-person shooters, especially considering the long phases of Alpha and Beta limited releases to come before the final Ready Or Not release date.