13 new [email protected] games announced, along with some ports

Xbox has announced a number of new [email protected] games that the company will be demoing at GDC 2019 later this month. Of those games, a number are ports of games released on other systems last year. Several brand-new titles were also announced.

A total of 13 new [email protected] games were announced and will be joining others at Xbox’s GDC showcase. The newly announced Xbox One games are Beholder 2, Boomerang Fu, CrossCode, Dead Static Drive, Door Kickers: Action Squad, HyperDot, Mowin’ and Throwin’, StarCrossed, Stela, The Forgotten City, Totem Teller, UnderMine and Unrailed. Of the titles, Stela is the only brand-new announcement and it has garnered interest today.

Stela is an “artistic platformer” from Skybox Labs, who has assisted development on a number of Microsoft titles including Minecraft and Halo Infinite. The game takes aesthetic inspiration from the likes of Inside and Another World and delivers some striking visuals in its debut trailer. It’s the developer’s first new game since Tastee: Lethal Tactics released in 2016.

The Forgotten City is a time travel murder mystery set in an Ancient Roman city. It is based on the award-winning Skyrim mod of the same name and was announced at E3 2018. The game’s Xbox One release was announced today for sometime this year.

Totem Teller from Grinning Pickle was announced for the Xbox One today, but was officially announced several years ago. The game is about exploration and storytelling, and is expected to release this year. Totem Teller uses glitches and visual artifacting to bolster its story and world design.

Unrailed was revealed in February as a railroad-building rogue-like. The game supports co-op and competitive modes either locally or online. It is expected to release into early access this summer.

CrossCode, Beholder 2, Door Kickers: Action Squad, Mowin’ and Throwin’, and StarCrossed are all currently available on other devices. Expect many of these [email protected] games to release this year on Xbox One.