PlayStation Now Europe expansion: Finland, Italy, Sweden, and more

There’s been an expansion of service for PlayStation Now Europe customers, with a whole bunch of new countries being added to Sony’s subscription service for their flagship gaming console. These include a number of Nordic countries as well as some slightly sunnier destinations. In total, seven new countries will be able to gain access to hundreds of PlayStation 4 titles for a low monthly price.

Customers in Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden can now make use of the subscription service as part of the PlayStation Now Europe expansion. This brings the total number of countries able to use Sony’s subscription service up to 19.

At the moment, PlayStation Now features over 600 games on the service. Several new titles were added back in February including games from the Metro 2033 and Metal Gear franchises. Here are some of the most recent additions to the list of games that you can play on PlayStation Now as soon as you sign up:

The service has certainly been more population than one might have expected. A report from Superdata noted that PlayStation Now revenue had handily beat out the competition from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Electronic Arts’ various Origin services in the third quarter of 2018. Part of the driving factor behind the service’s performance is microtransactions and permanent game purchases.

You can learn more about PlayStation Now by reading the help page for the service on the PlayStation website. If you’re in one of these new PlayStation Now Europe countries and you don’t yet have the service, you can sign up for a 7 day free trial over at the PlayStation Store.

[via The PlayStation Blog]