Xbox One Phantom White controller announced

We got our first look at the Phantom White Special Edition Xbox One controller at today’s Inside Xbox. It features a transparent case which fades to pure white and is a sharp looking piece of kit. This controller is the second in the Phantom Series and was preceded by the Phantom Black Special Edition Xbox One controller.

While I’m of the opinion the Xbox One Elite still stands as king of the controller world; the Phantom White isn’t too shabby. Besides the cool color scheme, though, the Phantom White is a second revision Xbox One controller. Meaning it has textured grips and is Bluetooth-capable, as opposed to the first model which had smooth grips and was IR-only.

Fortunately, the Xbox One Phantom White Special Edition controller retails for the same price as its peers. Starting on April 2 you can purchase the Phantom White for $69.99. It’s a very cool controller to pick up if you’re in the market for a new one.

My motto is that you can’t have enough Xbox One controllers. I personally have two for my PCs, one for my Nvidia Shield TV, and another two for my Xbox One X that I use regularly. I’m sure I have a few others laying around as well.

To sweeten the deal, you also get 14-day passes for both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass with the Phantom White. Between those two services, you ought to have plenty to put your new controller to good use.

As much as I like the look of the Phantom White controller, I’m really hoping for a refresh of the Xbox One Elite controller. I still use the fire out of mine, but it’d be interesting to see one in another color or with some new features. Oh well, a man can dream.