Animal Crossing Switch release date rumored for September 2019

The Animal Crossing Switch release date may take place in September 2019, with alleged sources reportedly stating that it will launch in late Q3. This claim also comes with the news that Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation will largely revolve around Animal Crossing‘s Nintendo Switch debut, providing fans with plenty of new information before its apparent launch later in the year.

Animal Crossing releasing later this year would significantly bolster the Nintendo Switch’s 2019 line-up, which currently contains only a handful of big games including Pokemon Sword and Shield and Super Mario Maker 2. Both were announced during the company’s last Nintendo Direct.

This latest news comes from sources close to The Loot Gaming, with the site claiming that two separate sources have confirmed it will be releasing in September 2019. Additionally, Animal Crossing Switch will apparently be another main entry in the series, so not a spin-off title like the Wii U’s Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, and it will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch though will have functionality with the mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Though this rumor should be taken with a pinch of salt, The Loot Gaming did accurately predict the Nintendo Labo VR kit in February. It’s unclear if this was a coincidental guess or evidence of the legitimacy of the site’s reported sources, but September 2019 certainly isn’t too much of a stretch.

We already know that Animal Crossing is set to come to the Switch this year, and the few details we’ve received about it suggest that it will have to launch in the latter half of the year. Save for a stealth launch in mid-2019, September seems as good a time as any, especially considering that Pokemon Sword and Shield will likely launch around the Holiday season.

If Sword and Shield mimics Pokemon Let’s Go and launches in November, it’s arguable that Nintendo wouldn’t want Animal Crossing Switch to also release in Q4. As such, September 2019 seems like an accurate release window.