Turtle Beach buys Roccat for nearly $20 million

Gaming peripheral company Turtle Beach bought Roccat for nearly $20 million. Turtle Beach announced its acquisition of Roccat, another gaming peripheral company, on Thursday, March 14. The acquisition will consolidate two popular peripheral companies under one corporate roof.

Turtle Beach announced the acquisition in a press release published on March 14. The total purchase price comes out to $19.2 million split between cash, stock, and earn-out payments. Turtle Beach is using its purchase of the German Roccat as a way to springboard its efforts in the PC gaming peripheral space. The well-respected Roccat brand will bolster Turtle Beach’s range of gaming peripherals which until now almost exclusively focuses on headsets and microphones.

Meanwhile, Roccat has its fingers in gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads, and more. The company has regularly been ranked as one of the best-selling gaming peripheral brands in Europe and will be key to Turtle Beach’s growing interest in that region.

Speaking about the acquisition, Juergen Stark, CEO of Turtle Beach, said that “this is a dynamic and strategically important deal for Turtle Beach. We are adding a complementary portfolio of PC gaming mice and keyboards, a skilled PC accessories team, and a highly synergistic distribution footprint.”

Roccat CEO René Korte also gave a statement.

“We’ve long admired how Turtle Beach’s pioneering headsets have elevated gaming and it is an honor to join forces and bring our great products to more gamers,” he said. “I have no doubt that combining Roccat’s strength in the PC peripherals market with Turtle Beach’s 45 years of experience, impressive technology, console dominance, and strong brand will bring even more victories to gamers around the world.”

Roccat recently released the Vulcan mechanical gaming keyboard using the company’s proprietary mechanical switch technology. Turtle Beach’s acquisition of Roccat mirrors those that of rivals like Logitech and Razer. All three brands have been buying up other companies and consolidating the gaming peripherals market.

[Image Credit: Turtle Beach Twitter account]