Epic Games Store roadmap lays out the future for digital distribution

An Epic Games Store roadmap has now been made publicly available for anyone to use. One of the core complaints that some have about the Epic Games Store is the lack of features as compared to comparable digital distribution platforms. After all, the store only added a search feature a few days ago. Understandably, other platforms like Steam and GOG have been on the market for longer and have had more time to develop and release features. Epic Games has subsequently laid out their plans for the future for everyone to see.

Following an announcement on the company’s website, the Epic Games Store roadmap went live as a public Trello board. The roadmap splits their plans into six columns: Recently Shipped, Near Term (1-3 months), Mid Term (4-6 months), Long Term ( > 6 Months), Date TBD, and Releases/Patch Notes. This will easily give folks an idea of the future of the platform in chronological order.

For example, the new search feature is planned to be expanded with the ability to browse the store by genre and/or tag within the next 3 months. Also up on the docket for the near future are improvements to offline mode and the ability to have cloud saves, a service where save games are stored remotely on servers to keep them save should a gamer’s computer fail.

The mid and long term sections on the Epic Games Store roadmap show a number of features that will bring the digital distribution client into parity with Steam. These features include the following:

  • User Reviews
  • Wishlists
  • Overlay
  • Achievements
  • Automated Refunds
  • Gifting
  • Android Store

Hopefully, these upcoming additions will ease some of the concerns regarding features that players may have with Epic Games’ venture into the world of selling video games. You can check out the Epic Games Store roadmap for yourself on Trello. Fingers crossed that we’ll be getting a more robust feature set sooner rather than later.