The Messenger physical release coming to PS4 and Switch

The Messenger is getting a limited physical release on PS4 and Switch, with pre-orders opening on March 19. The Messenger physical release is being jointly handled by Limited Run Games and Special Reserve Games and will run buyers $34.99.

Special Reserve Games is publishing the release, with the only difference between the physical editions being the cover variant. The physical The Messenger release was announced earlier this month, with Limited Run Games also hosting pre-orders for the game. Pre-orders will be open from March 19 through April 2 on both sites, although Special Reserve Games’ store page for The Messenger is not live. The PS4 and Switch pages are up on Limited Run’s store. The physical release is expected to ship in July 2019.

Included in The Messenger physical release will be the game, exclusive box art, and a 24-page booklet. Details about the different cover variants, and what is included in the booklet are to be announced. PS4 and Switch version will both be available for $34.99, a $15 premium over the digital versions of the game.

The Messenger released on PC and Switch in late August 2018. It is coming to PS4 on March 19 where it will retail digitally for $19.99. Devolver Digital published the Sabotage Studio from Canada. Sabotage added a new game plus mode in November, alongside a number of other additions.

The old-school action game blends 8 and 16-bit graphics in a Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania-inspired action-adventure game. It is a sprawling adventure with a bundle of character upgrades, abilities, hidden levels, and branching pathways.

Special Reserve Games and Limited Run Games are two small, boutique companies committed to releasing unique physical versions of games. Special Reserve has released physical versions of Enter the Gungeon and Absolver, for example. Limited Run produced a range of physical releases from a Jak & Daxter PS4 release packed with goodies to a PS4 release of Night School Studio’s Oxenfree.