Castle Crashers Switch and PS4 announced, releasing this summer

Castle Crashers Remastered is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this summer. The Castle Crashers Switch and PS4 releases were announced by The Behemoth in celebration of the game’s 10-year anniversary.

Announced on March 19, Castle Crashers Remastered for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is expected sometime this summer. The remastered version of Castle Crashers originally launched on Xbox One in 2015 before being brought as an update to the Steam release of the game. It runs at 60 frames per second and features textures that are “five times” the resolution of those found in the original game. Castle Crashers on PS4 and Switch will have all previously released DLC available in-game. The Behemoth added a variety of performance updates and improvements to the game coming as part of the package as well. PlayEveryWare is handling the PS4 and Switch ports.

Castle Crashers Switch supports HD Rumble and 4-player local Joy-Con support. Switch Online will also be available for online castle crashing mayhem.

On the PS4, 4-player local co-op is in alongside online play. Even better, Castle Crashers PS4 supports the Dualshock 4’s lightbar. The developers have “utilized the latest in lighting technology to lighten up your lightbars with your character affinity color!” Talk about a great feature!

The Behemoth responded to two frequently asked questions as well: why bring the game to more platforms, and why isn’t there a sequel yet. As to the first, the company was concerned about seeing their games become unavailable and stuck on older consoles, and the feature set of the Switch was particularly exciting for them. The studio is also hesitant about making sequels that are just “more of the same” and as a result, have continued to make new and unique games.

Castle Crashers originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2008 where it found cult success. The Behemoth ported the 2D beat-em-up to PS3, Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and now PS4 and Switch.