Xbox One S All-Digital Edition release date reportedly revealed

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition release date has reportedly been discovered in leaked documents. The obtained documents state the potential release date of the disc-less console along with leaked box art of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

According to Windows Central, the documents it has obtained reveal the release date as May 7. The documents also included box art. The images show off a design and box similar to that of the Xbox One S featuring a disc drive. The leaked art features the term “disc-free gaming” and promotes Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 at the bottom.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition release date reveal comes less than a few weeks since initial details of the disc-less variation of the Xbox One emerged. The rumors that pre-orders would begin in April, ahead of a May release, have been reaffirmed by these new leaks. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition represents the first console by one of the major game hardware manufacturers to not feature physical media.

Xbox One console rumors and reveals have been all the rage of late. An almighty The Division 2 Xbox One X limited edition console recently drew eyeballs when it was revealed as part of a competition. Rumors continue to be rife about Microsoft’s next-generation offering. There has been speculation that the next-gen Xbox Scarlett line will feature an Xbox Lockhart (a cheaper disc-less edition similar to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition) and an Xbox Anaconda (a higher-end version which retains the disc drive).

The digital-only console seems to fall in line with industry trends towards gaming without physical media. Microsoft is currently working on its own streaming system named Project xCloud. The beta of xCloud is planned for later in 2019. While Google recently announced its Stadia streaming platform at GDC 2019.