Project xCloud beta still coming later this year

While the PC version of the Master Chief Collection might have headlined the recent Inside Xbox stream, Microsoft also reiterated that the Project xCloud beta is still coming later this year. Announced in 2018, this cloud-based streaming service is at the forefront of Microsoft’s plans to allow games to be streamed to multiple devices.

These public trials don’t have an exact date but Microsoft will likely announce a website where people can sign up when we get closer to that day. Microsoft did state that there would be public trials back in the announcement and this appeared to be a reconfirmation.

The Inside Xbox stream appeared to have a live demo that displayed the host playing Forza Horizon 4 on a controller connected via Bluetooth on a phone. However, Microsoft didn’t spill any additional details on the upcoming service.

Although Microsoft did state that this isn’t a replacement for consoles nor is the electronics giant getting out of the console business. Vice President of cloud gaming at Microsoft Kareem Choudhry stated that he sees this as a way for more people to play more games. These versions will also be the same “as the game creators intended.”

Your account, saves, achievements, and so on will also carry over to xCloud. It was likened to music as we don’t tend to think of the tunes we listen to at home or in the car; it’s just one experience.

PlayStation Now is somewhat like what Microsoft is pitching, especially now that players can use remote play on PS4 through their iOS devices. The service even just recently spread to other countries.

This is consistent with other rumors surrounding Microsoft’s streaming goals. The next Xbox will allegedly have a streaming-only iteration alongside a more expensive, traditional one. There’s even a rumor that Microsoft is trying to get some of its games to stream on the Nintendo Switch along with Xbox Live.