Halo Master Chief Collection PC release confirmed, Halo Reach coming to Halo MCC

A Halo Master Chief Collection PC release was announced at today’s Inside Xbox steam. It was also confirmed that Halo Reach will finally be coming to Halo MCC as well. The announcement confirmed months of speculation and rumors about a Halo MCC PC release and will allow PC players a chance to experience the full breadth of the franchise in one package.

The Halo Master Chief Collection PC edition will be released in multiple stages instead of all at once. Each game will come to PC individually starting with Halo Reach, which is chronologically first in the series. After Halo Reach, the games will continue to release in chronological order. The full Halo MCC PC release order will be:

Unlike the Xbox version of Halo MCC, the PC edition will offer each title as an individual purchase as they release. Pricing hasn’t been set yet, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have free access to the series.

Halo Reach is also coming to Xbox One. Everyone who owns Halo Master Chief Collection will get access to Halo Reach’s multiplayer content, including the Theater and the Forge, but the Campaign and Firefight modes will be available as a premium add-on. Again, pricing hasn’t been set, but Xbox Game Pass holders will get the new content for free on Xbox One as well as part of their subscription.

As with the rest of the games in Halo MCC, Halo Reach will receive graphical enhancements that allow it to play in 4K HDR at 60 FPS on Xbox One. We’re not sure how performance on PC will be, but given Microsoft’s recent PC releases I’d assume it’s going to be well-optimized.

No release date has been announced for Halo Master Chief Collection on PC or Halo Reach on Xbox One. However, you can keep an eye on Halo Waypoint (and GameRevolution) for further news on Halo MCC.