Dead By Daylight matchmaking improved with new system

Dead by Daylight matchmaking has been a little shaky for the last few months, but the developers have finally stepped in to fix the problem. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical game that’s based on a scenario that horror movie fans are well familiar with. One player takes on the role of a “Killer” and everyone is a “Survivor.” You and your teammates must do your best to escape the Killer’s grasp by solving a puzzle on a map while evading detection and capture. This made matchmaking a bit of a challenge, but the developers feel that they’ve sorted things out nicely.

The new Dead by Daylight matchmaking system is detailed on the game’s official forums. It splits players into two distinct queues: one queue for Killers and another queue for Survivors. Periodically, the game will search through both queues and attempt to match up a group of Survivors with an appropriately-skilled Killer. The queue times for solo Survivors and groups of Survivors should effectively be the same.

The developers have listed some wait times for each group based on platform:

  • Xbox One
    • Killer Wait Time: 3 minutes
    • Survivor Wait Time: 3 minutes
  • PS4
    • Killer Wait Time: 1 minute
    • Survivor Wait Time: 3 minutes
  • PC
    • Killer Wait Time: 3 minutes
    • Survivor Wait Time: 1 minute

These wait times for the new Dead by Daylight matchmaking are pretty solid considering the asymmetrical nature of the game. It also gives us a bit of an insight into the playerbases on both platforms: the PC version appears to have an excess of Survivors while the PS4 version seems to have an excess of Killers. Killers should see a lobby fill up with a full set of four Survivors instantly.

Although these wait times are short, there’s no way to see how long it’s taken to complete a matchmaking cycle just yet. The developers are testing integrating a queue wait timer into the game’s HUD. Of course, the wait times in the new Dead By Daylight matchmaking system will depend on the time of day and how many people are playing. That said, these recent wait times do look pretty good overall. It seems like Behaviour Digital Inc. has made a solid improvement to their game.