Samurai Shodown reboot coming to PC and consoles this year

It’s a great year for fans of fighting games, as we just got a release window for the upcoming Samurai Shodown reboot. If you haven’t had the privilege of playing Samurai Shodown, you’ve missed out on a unique fighting game featuring colorful representations of mighty warriors from Japanese history. It did well enough in Japanese arcades and was a mainstay on the NEO GEO, but that console just didn’t have the staying power of its contemporaries.

Now, gamers will be able to get that same great classic gameplay in the Samurai Shodown reboot. Of course, this game isn’t just a straight port or remaster, as several new modern touches are being added that are well familiar to any fighting game fans out there. One of the more notable changes is the addition of camera switches when players make sure of special moves, but that’s far from the only change we’re likely to see.

“I’m really happy to be back — it’s even better than it was in the past, especially when it comes to development,” Game Director Nobuyuki Kuroki told Eurogamer. “It’s so much easier to get your voice heard by the higher ups than it was before, and I’m a big fan of that.”

Although the Samurai Shodown reboot is simply titled Samurai Shodown, it nonetheless fits within the game’s core canon. The story of this new game will be taking place in a time period between the first and fifth games in the series. That’s right, these guys were up to number five more than a decade before one of their strongest competitors. Eat your heart out, Street Fighter.

If you’re curious what the game looks like, you can see a trailer for the Samurai Shodown reboot below. The game will simultaneously launch worldwide for Xbox One and PS4 with a Nintendo Switch and PC version to follow sometime after that. No price has been announced.