Blood and Truth release date announced for May 2019

Blood and Truth now has a release date slated for May 2019. The SIE London Studios PS VR was announced in 2017 and is a follow-up to The London Heist. The Blood and Truth release date is May 28, 2019.

A new trailer released during the PlayStation State of Play stream showed off the game’s story and VR action. Blood and Truth sees players in the shoes of a Special Forces soldier, attempting to save his family from a criminal overlord. Players can make a variety of dialogue choices that can influence the story. The action-heavy story features set-pieces like jumping out windows, chasing an airplane and more.

Originally revealed in 2017, the game is set largely in a modern day London although several sequences look to take place in the Middle East. Ryan Marks, the player character, is embroiled in criminal activities with his family and rivals. Blood and Truth follows his quest for vengeance against rivals and is fueled by high-octane action sequences.

SIE London Studios released PlayStation VR Worlds alongside the PS VR in 2016. That compilation included The London Heist, an action game love letter to classic London gangster films. Blood and Truth builds on that foundation with a strong helping of action move and big drama. As a result, the game has impressive visuals and animations, coupled with some pretty good voice acting.

Sony has been championing it’s VR headset since it launched in 2016, and continues to show major support to the device. 2018’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission was critically acclaimed, and VR was a central focus of today’s State of Play stream. Marvel’s Iron Man VRNo Man’s Sky VR, Five Nights at Freddy’s VR, and Concrete Genie VR were also shown during the State of Play stream. The Blood and Truth release date comes first on May 28.

Check out the story trailer below.