Borderlands 3 characters leak becomes increasingly credible following teaser

A recent Borderlands 3 characters leak on 4chan seems increasingly credible following the release of the game’s teaser trailer. A boatload of details have been released which may give us insight into what we can expect from the third core game in the Borderlands franchise.

A thread on ResetEra details the 4chan Borderlands 3 characters leak in a much more safe-for-work environment, so let’s get right into breaking it down!

As with previous games in the franchise, the Borderlands 3 characters leak indicates that there will be four classes in the game: a Siren, Beastmaster, Gunner, and Assassin. Flak the Beastmaster will be a rough-looking android who can summon creatures to help him in battle. It’s stated that the A.I. for this particular character is what led to a delay of a Borderlands 3 announcement.

Borderlands 3 characters leak

A woman was shown in a 2017 GDC tech demo for “the next Borderlands game,” who is reported to be the game’s Gunner class. She looks very similar to the character seen in the reveal trailer. An older gentleman is also featured in the new trailer. He is supposedly a “Batman”-style character. That is to say, he’s a rich dude who uses a bunch of gadgets to kick butt. Finally, there is the matter of the Siren character. Every Borderlands game has had a Siren and this game is no different. This time around, the Siren will have a focus on melee weapons.

We aren’t just getting new characters, as the characters abilities have been reworked, too. All four characters will now have multiple action abilities instead of just the one. And if you do go down, worry not, as NPCs can revive you if you’re in Fight For Your Life mode!

Although the main focus of the Borderlands 3 characters leak is the people, there is still plenty of information about the guns. To start, the Bandit and Scav brands are no more as these enemies will not be making an appearance in the game as they have in the past. These brands will be replaced with an appropriate one for the new villains in this game. Other than that, all of the other brands will be making a return.

Elemental damage is in for a change as well. Slag, Laser, and Ice are no more and Nuclear is stated to be a new element added to the game (though it likely isn’t the only new element). The guns themselves have also been reworked in many respects. You won’t just find new guns in Borderlands 3 — you’ll find new gun parts. You’ll be able to swap out parts to alter the firing rate, reload speed, stability, and element.

The Borderlands 3 characters leak indicates that the story takes place five years after the events of Borderlands 2. While the game will indeed start on Sanctuary, players will quickly find themselves on the Crimson Raider’s ship Sanctuary 3. This ship will serve as the hub for your visits to locations on multiple different planets. Players will be heading to Promethea at some point and the overall writing style will be closer to the first Borderlands game.

An AI version of Jack makes a return, but he isn’t slated to be the game’s main villain. That honor will likely go to The Calypso Twins, a pair of nefarious individuals who lead a cult called The Children of the Vault. This cult replaces Bandits and Scavs from the first game. Interestingly, the female twin is a Siren and the male twin somehow has access to Siren powers, a feat that was thought to be impossible as Sirens are always women.

Rhys returns as the CEO of Atlas and Gorty is back to help the player uncover multiple different vaults throughout their travels. Tiny Tina is all grown up. As with previous games, you should expect to see cameos featuring characters from the other games. There’s no word on Mad Moxxi, but one can hope that the fan-favorite bartender sets up shop somewhere! Finally, Tannis is stated to be “not what she seems,” adding an air of mystery to this person.

Although the Borderlands 3 characters leak seems increasingly credible, it is a leak nonetheless. The leaker could be working off of outdated information or telling us about stuff that may end up cut before the game is finally out. Nonetheless, it does seem like there are a lot of details here that make sense. As with all leaks, we’ll have to wait until the game comes out before we see how much of this is true.