Stormland trailer shows off Insomniac Games’ newest VR shooter

The Stormland trailer is here and it gives us our first look at Insomniac Games’ newest shooter. Stormland is a virtual reality first-person shooter where players take on the role of a robot in what appears to be the midst of an insurgency on a lush jungle planet. The game was first revealed last year before we eventually went hands-on with a preview.

The opening moments of the Stormland trailer show off some explosion shooting action before calming things down a bit with a logo drop. There is an insinuation that the Stormland has some kind of mystery for the player to uncover. Unfortunately, an enemy known as The Tempest stepped in and put a stop to it. The hopes come down to the player to “find the others”. A point is made that you’ll have to scavenge what you need in order to fight back against The Tempest. The robotic player character is shown removing their left arm and fabricating a replacement. Shortly thereafter, we see the left arm being used to project an energy shield while the player shoots a gigantic robot.

The Stormland trailer than transitions to the player flying over foggy terrain before grasping on to a tower. A mechanical whale-like creature breaches the fog, and the player is then shown firing an energy pulse from their left arm. (Presumably, this energy pulse weapon is a separate upgrade from the previously-seen energy shield.) The trailer closes with an increasingly-hectic series of firefights before the logo drops once more and followed by the Oculus Rift S logo.

Stormland is the first serious venture into VR gaming by Insomniac Games. We still don’t have a firm release date for the game, but odds are we’ll be getting our hands on it sometime in 2019. For now, you can watch the Stormland trailer for yourself below.