Next From Software game rumored to be open world, involving George R.R. Martin

The next From Software game will reportedly be a more open world effort from the studio. The rumors of From Software’s next projects, following Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, emerged late last year. This latest rumor suggests Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is involved in the project and will be helping to create the world of the game.

The rumors come from Liam Robertson, a source who has proven accurate in the past. Robertson teased the rumors on Twitter before they were discussed in a video on YouTube channel “Spawn Wave.”

In the video, the host discusses the information coming from Robertson. The primary point of discussion is the details surrounding an upcoming From Software game published by Bandai Namco. Bandai Namco publishes the Souls series for the studio. This next game will reportedly lean further into being an open world setting.

According to “Spawn Wave,” the game will feature different “kingdoms” and the player will be able to choose in which order to explore them. They go on to say that, once you conquer a kingdom, you will receive an ability which you can use in the rest of the game.

The second bombshell delivered in the video is that George R.R Martin will be involved in next From Sofware game. George R.R. Martin is primarily known for writing the books behind the acclaimed Game of Thrones TV series.

Martin is rumored to be playing a part in building the narrative of the world. This would be an interesting development for From Software, as the team is already known for its neatly woven fantasy tales.

From Software’s latest effort Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice was released last week. The game differs from the studio’s Soulsborne titles but doesn’t shy away from its signature difficulty and hidden secrets.

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