Borderlands Game of the Year Edition coming next week

Gearbox has announced a remastered version of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new Borderlands release brings all the expansion packs and content to the current generation of consoles. It will be out in early April and will support higher framerates and extended resolutions.

Announced during Gearbox’s PAX East panel, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on current-gen consoles will be out April 3. The remaster includes support for Gearbox Shift codes, new character customization, and other additions from its sequels. PS4 and Xbox One will support up to 4-player split-screen. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support is in, although exact resolutions have not been disclosed. Gearbox teased some other changes that will bring Borderlands more in line with Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel.

A current-gen release of Borderlands has been rumored since The Handsome Collection brought its successors to PS4 and Xbox One. Ratings for the new release of Borderlands surfaced in Taiwan in January and last week through the ESRB.

The physical version of Borderlands on PS4 and Xbox One is exclusive the GameStop in the United States, and priced at $29.99. The PC version will be a free upgrade for owners of the game on PC. Borderlands PC owners won’t need to own the DLC to get the upgrade, a nice boon for those who never bought the expansions. The game isn’t up on PSN or the Xbox Live Marketplace yet, but will likely run you as much as the physical release.

Visually, the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on PS4 and Xbox One looks very similar to the original release. That’s not a bad thing, as Borderlands still has a distinct style all its own. Gearbox also announced the hotly anticipated Borderlands 3 during their PAX East panel.

Check out the new trailer for the remastered Borderlands Game of the Year Edition below.