Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party card game announced at PAX East 2019

Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party was announced during the Gearbox show at PAX East 2019. It’s the first card game set in the Borderlands universe, and the objective is to be the first to complete your Claptrap robot.

The rear of the box asks: Who’s ready for a motha-humpin’ tea partyyyy?!

The description is:

You are cordially invited to a tea part of the most claptastic variety.

What do Vault Hunters do over tea? Mess with Claptrap, of course. All your favorite Claptraps are here to ridicule. We’ve got Pirates and Sheridds, Wizards and Gentlemen.

Dive in some dumpsters, swipe some parts and build your bot. Race to be the first one to get your Clappy decked out with the right parts to win!

Two to five players can take part in Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party. Each game should take roughtly 15 minutes. The set includes 80 cards, 5 Claptrap bodies, 54 parts, 21 actions, and a rules sheet.

You can purchase your copy of Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Partyofficial website at the for $20.