Heave Ho, the physics-based co-op game from Devolver Digital, coming this summer

Devolver Digital continues to work with unique creators to publish interesting, new games. Heave Ho is one such game from developer Le Cartel. It is a physics-based local co-op game coming this summer to the Nintendo Switch and Windows.

Heave Ho was announced earlier this week with a fun trailer. The game supports up to four players as they attempt to cross a chasm as “grapplers.” The player characters use their own hands to “swing, fling, and soar across each level” of the game. Players can grab onto their friends and use physics to traverse the puzzling levels.

Heave Ho‘s grapplers ooze character in the reveal trailer, as the cast screams and groans as they cross levels and fall to their death. Their goofy faces and grossly long arms make it all the better before splatting to their deaths in failure. Characters will also be customizable with accessories and accouterments to further stylize and imprint personalities on them.

The gravity-defying antics of Heave Ho‘s gameplay also look to be a great time with friends. Being able to play with up to four people means everybody has to be on the same page, or else sabotage could be on the horizon. It looks like a true co-op experience where you need other people to co-operate to complete levels.

Le Cartel hasn’t detailed the number of levels in the game, nor has the developer touched on the differences between solo and multiplayer. Heave Ho is Le Cartel’s second game. The French developer released Mother Russia Bleeds in 2016 before bringing the game to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Heave Ho is one of several games Devolver Digital is demoing at PAX East this weekend. The Messenger‘s expansion, Gato Roboto, My Friend Pedro, Katana Zero, and Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms are also at Devolver’s PAX East booth.

Check out the reveal trailer for Heave Ho below.