Gato Roboto is a CatMechtroidvania Game Being Published by Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital has just dropped the reveal trailer for Gato Roboto, a “CatMechtroidvania game” where you’re a cat in a mech suit. Gato Roboto is being developed by Doinksoft, an Oregon-based indie studio, and it’s their first title with a release set for PC and Nintendo Switch. The trailer features a funky techno beat that accompanies the (assumedly) titular Gato Roboto hopping around and shooting frogs.

If there’s one constant in the games industry, it’s Devolver Digital’s reputation for signing on wacky and wonderful indie games. They’re continuing this trend, as earlier today the studio released the reveal trailer for Gato Roboto. There’s little-to-no other information about the game besides what exists in the trailer and the given genre of “CatMechtroidvania.” What the trailer does tell us, however, is that you’ll be playing a cat. In a mech suit. A cat in a mech suit with guns on it. You’ll use those guns to shoot frogs, and other unusual creatures and enemies.

It’s clear that Gato Roboto is heavily inspired by the game that it takes the first half — well, the third quarter, I suppose — of it’s genre from, Metroid. We even see in the trailer that the cat, who we’re assuming is the titular Gato Roboto, is a space-faring kitty in oddly-familiar power armour that crash-lands on the planet where the game takes place in a large ship. It bears a striking resemblance to the opening of Metroid II: Return of Samus, where Samus begins the game having departed from her ship onto the surface of SR388, the Metroid’s home planet.

This is going to be the debut title for Oregon-based developer Doinksoft, who will be showing off the game at PAX West in the Devolver Digital booth this weekend. Their Twitter currently consists exclusively of a few retweets and one piece of adorable art of Gato Roboto — we can only hope that this trend continues.