Google will ‘never’ release a console, says VP

Despite Google Stadia already making waves in the gaming industry, Google has doubled-down on the idea that it should not be seen as a console, with Google vice president Phil Harrison also going as far to say they will “never” release a traditional home console. It appears that a shift towards streaming is in both Google, and the industry’s, roadmap for the future.

“We are absolutely firm that we are not, will not, and will never release a console,” Harrison says. He also believes that Stadia begins an “inevitable and one-way shift” away from traditional video games consoles.

Google’s VP has also revealed that the platform will allow players to create an online persona which is “distinct and different” from their Google account. The general manager and vice president for Google unveiled the news in response to concerns about privacy on the platform. Google’s products have come under criticism before for how they deal with user data.

Phil Harrison explained, “The account you use for Stadia is built on top of your Google account, but of course you’ll be able to have an online persona that is distinct and different from your Google persona.” Harrison added, “We’re committed to protecting and respecting users’ privacy every step of the way.”

The Google Stadia was announced last month at GDC 2019. The Silicon Valley search giant revealed a platform that would allow its games to run on any device that works with Google Chrome, rather than a physical box.

The presentation also revealed ambitions for greater engagement between YouTubers and fans, as well as the potential for multiplayer games including thousands of players. Stadia representatives placed focus on the tools the platform would be able to provide studios in order to reap the benefits of a cloud-based streaming platform, though no price has yet been announced.

Alongside privacy, one of the major concerns about Google Stadia is latency. These concerns weren’t fully alleviated by some early testing. GameRevolution looked into the issue further along with wider concerns about Stadia being the future of gaming.

Another technology giant announced its next steps into gaming last week. Apple revealed Apple Arcade, a gaming subscription service which would provide mobile users with ad-free games and exclusive content for a monthly price. The price itself has not yet been confirmed, however, we do know that the service is expected to launch in fall 2019.