Romero Games to partner with Paradox Interactive on new project

Romero Games is set to partner with Paradox Interactive for a new original IP. Paradox Interactive announced the partnership alongside some details of the new strategy game. Romero Games is part-owned by John Romero, best known for his ties to Quake and the Doom series and his wife, Brenda Romero, a prolific game designer.

Paradox Interactive, the publisher and developer behind games such as Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, and Europa Universalis has expressed its delight at the partnership, “We are thrilled to work with industry legends, Brenda and John Romero… At Paradox Interactive, we’ve built a reputation for top-tier strategy games and we’re employing that expertise to help build something really special with the team at Romero Games.”

Brenda Romero revealed her thoughts on the team-up, effusively stating that, “This has been a project we’ve been wanting to work on for a long time, so it’s especially exciting that we’ll be partnering with Paradox Interactive to fully realize that dream,” said Brenda Romero, co-founder of Romero Games. “We can’t wait to tell everyone more, so make sure you watch this space!”

Paradox invites users to sign up to its newsletter on its website to keep up to date with the project. The website hints we’ll know more soon, “Sign up here to find out more before E3.” Paradox Interactive is a studio with a wide and diverse reach. The studio recently revealed its “Paradox Mods” programme. The initiative aims to enable players to bring PC style mods to console titles. Last week, Paradox revealed Vampire Bloodlines 2. The game is rumored to have a release date of March 2020, however, it is unconfirmed.

Romero Games’ John Romero continues to work on Doom-like titles from his position at his own studio. It was revealed in December 2018 that Romero would be working on a new experience called Sigil. Sigil is intended to be a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of the original Doom game.