Rage 2 teases Danny Dyer voice pack and it’s ‘proper naughty’

Rage 2 is shaping up to be one of the most ridiculous games of the year. After revealing that a cheat code would allow players to unlock the NBA Jam commentator in the game, now Bethesda has teased another voice pack. This one seemingly includes popular British actor Danny Dyer, known for his role in films such as Football Factory, and presenting hard-hitting shows like I Believe in UFOs.

No, we can’t believe it, either.

Dyer, known for his almost parodically exaggerated London accent, is heard asking Rage 2‘s enemies if they “f***ing want some?!” in a new teaser trailer. “Voice pack cheat codes? Let’s haavvve it!” the caption for the tweet teasing the announcement reads.

The teaser can be viewed below:

Bethesda previously announced that the infamous NBA Jam commentator would be made available in a Rage 2 voice pack. With this reveal being made on April 1, many inevitably assumed this was an April Fool’s Day gag, before the developer confirmed that it was a legitimate announcement. The special voice pack will be made available to those who pre-order the upcoming FPS.

According to the above tweet, a full announcement for what we can only assume is a Rage 2 Danny Dyer voice pack will be made on Friday, April 5. It’s likely that it will also only be made available to those who pre-order the game, though there has been no official word from Bethesda on this.

The tweet was posted by the Bethesda UK Twitter account, so it could be that the Danny Dyer voice pack will only be made available in the UK. Considering that US citizens are unlikely to know exactly who Danny Dyer is, this is arguably for the best. We’ll find out if the Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men presenter will actually, officially, legitimately make his way into Rage 2 on Friday.

Image Credit: Bethesda / Karwai Tang – Getty Images