Borderlands 3 might have cross-platform play according to its Microsoft Store page

Players who purchase the upcoming Gearbox release on PC or Xbox One may be able enjoy Borderlands 3 cross-platform play—that is, if the game’s entry in the Microsoft Store page is to be believed.

The Microsoft Store page for Gearbox’s long-awaited shooter features a number of tags showing some of the capabilities of the game. One of these tags specifically lists “Cross-platform co-op.”

Like the games before it, Borderlands 3 can be played solo. However, one of the more fun ways to enjoy the game is through co-op play with a group of friends. Up to four friends can band together as one of the four vault hunters and proceed to scour the planet killing psychos, corporate mercenaries, and alien monsters, all while time scoring loads and loads of loot.

Neither Gearbox nor Microsoft have said anything on whether or not the store page entry is correct. However, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford has previously stated his support for cross-platform play.

Pitchford’s tweet shows that the team at Gearbox is open to the idea of cross-platform play. With this in mind, it does seem plausible that the Microsoft Store page is correct, and that Borderlands 3 will have cross-platform play.

The other big question with cross-platform play is in regards to the PlayStation 4. Borderlands 3 has also been announced for Sony’s console, and that version will be made available alongside the launch of the game on Xbox One and PC.

With that said, Sony has historically not been as open to cross-platform play as Microsoft, at least when it involves the latter’s console. So far only two games, Rocket League and Fortnite, have been allowed full cross-platform play with both PC and Xbox One. Every other game with cross-platform play on PlayStation 4 has only been allowed to do so with PC.

Of course, it is possible that Borderlands 3 could be the third game to be allowed cross-platform play between the rival consoles. Perhaps the delay in the announcement could be from Gearbox finalizing the details with all platform holders involved.