New Nintendo Switch controller has built-in voice chat

Many gamers take issue with the lack of a Nintendo Switch built-in voice chat system. Unlike other consoles, where players can plug in a 3.5 mm headset, the Switch currently requires a mobile device and a ton of extra cables. Since Nintendo won’t listen to its fans, someone else is taking charge by making a Nintendo Switch controller that has built-in voice chat.

The Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller is that device coming from PDP. It takes advantage of the audio software development kit developed by Vivox, whose systems already allow seamless in-game voice chat in Fortnite. By just plugging in a 3.5 mm headset, this controller helps players avoid Nintendo’s current, convoluted solution. The controller also has built-in volume controls for audio management. Competitive players will like the two programmable paddles as well.


As with all Faceoff controllers, users can also swap between different faceplates. The first two controller designs are Red Camo and Purple Camo, though more are sure to come soon. What players won’t enjoy so much is the wired USB cable. Sure, this controller’s cord is 10 feet, but we live in a wireless world now. This controller will launch in May on the company’s website and at some retailers for $24.99.

This controller definitely caters to Fortnite fans and not much else. However, as more competitive games come to Switch, we’ll see more players jump for this type of controller. It’s unlikely that Nintendo will drop a licensed pro controller like the Xbox Elite, however, so Switch gamers may have to stick with this for a while.

Nintendo Switch online is currently $3.99 a month or $19.99 a year. Players with Twitch Prime can nab a free year, however. A Switch subscription also comes with free NES games every month. Check out April’s games and make sure to grab them before they’re gone.