We Happy Few DLC 1 launch trailer showcases a robot uprising

A We Happy Few DLC 1 launch trailer has been uploaded to the Gearbox’s official YouTube channel. DLC 1 is named “They Came From Below” and focuses on a “robot uprising” which Roger must tackle with his boyfriend James. According to the video’s description, the duo aims to find Dr. Faraday and “discover the source of the robot invaders.” Roger mustn’t have read the DLC’s title.

The We Happy Few DLC 1 is the first instalment in the game’s season pass. The We Happy Few Season Pass is available for $19.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Along with They Came From Below, it will feature two other pieces of DLC named “Lightbearer” and “We All Fall Down.” Each DLC will be available separately and you can currently purchase They Came From Below by itself for $7.19 on all the same platforms listed above.

They Came From Below returns to the setting of Wellington Wells but adds a classic sci-fi twist. One new location included is Dr. Faraday’s Secret Laboratory. When getting around Wellington Wells, you’ll be tasked with taking down new mechanical enemies with some new guns. A transforming ray gun and a time-slowing “Chronobomb” will be at your disposal. Along with puzzles like the “Curious Device”, Roger and James will have to tackle “a new boss fight unlike any other” in this new DLC.

We Happy Few continues to be updated by the developers at Compulsion Games. The latest patch added three new game modes to the action-adventure titles, Night’s Watch mode, Sandbox mode, and Survival mode (a mode returning from the game’s early access). If you’ve yet to tackle the base game of We Happy Few but are reluctant to purchase the entire thing, Microsoft added the title to its Xbox Game Pass service earlier this year.