Sekiro gets an ‘easy mode’ PC mod, includes new graphics options

Every time From Software releases a new game, there is talk of difficulty and how hard is too hard? In this case, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the title in question. Are these games too difficult, in turn preventing a whole sect of players from jumping in? Is it up to From Software to cater to those players? Does an easy mode actually ruin the experience for the “git gud” player base? Well, now we finally have an answer thanks to a new Sekiro easy mode PC mod.

Hosted on Nexus Mods, this player-created mod brings in a couple of customizable game modifiers: A global game speed modifier and a player speed modifier. The former allows players to slow down or speed up the NPCs in the world around them, while the latter provides a faster or slower player speed. This way anyone can slow down boss animations and speed up their own for a bit of an advantage.

The mod also includes a slew of graphics options. It doesn’t mess with any of the default files, either, instead only adding some choices. For example, players with modded clients can unlock their frame rate, adjust their field of view, set a borderless window mode, and even display their death/kill count on-screen. There’s also custom resolution support, GSYNC/FreeSync support, and a 21:9 aspect ratio support. Even better, these settings can be changed without restarting the game.


This mod is easy to install and caters to all types of players. Those who struggle with the difficulty can adjust it to their liking. Or, those that just want widescreen support and higher frame rates can enjoy those without changing the core gameplay. It’s the perfect solution to the long-running debate and should work with all PC versions of the game, alongside any future updates.

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