Samurai Shodown newcomers, release date, and season pass details revealed

SNK held a special livestream for Samurai Shodown in Japan last night. The livestream revealed a lot of new information, including details on its new characters, the season pass, and its actual release dates.

Samurai Shodown was previously announced as coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June at PAX East. Now, we know the exact date that it hits those consoles – June 27.

On the other hand, PC and Switch will get the game in winter 2019. Additionally, the game is coming to arcades in Japan in the summer through Taito’s NESiCAxLive 2 service.

When the Samurai Shodown does arrive, it will do so with three characters new to the franchise. Shipwright Darli Dagger was previously introduced during SNK’s PAX East panel. She is joined by feng shui master Wu-Ruixiang, and the fallen samurai turned phantom thief Yashamaru Kurama. These three were shown in a new trailer alongside the returning cast.

The reveal of the three newcomers brings Samurai Shodown‘s cast to a total of 16 characters. However, SNK also revealed that it’s planning 4 DLC characters for the game. These 4 will be part of the game’s season pass. These characters will be released in August, October, December, and February.

Samurai Shodown classic skin vs modern

The season pass can be purchased either separately or as part of a Digital Deluxe pack. The Deluxe pack will also include a special “low polygon” skin for Haomaru based on his appearance in Samurai Shodown 64 for the Neo Geo CD. Buying the Deluxe Pack before July 16 also gives players a second low polygon skin for Nakoruru, on top of a 10% discount.

A third low polygon skin for Genjuro is also available. However, this one is currently exclusive to those who buy the game through Amazon Japan.

If the Deluxe Pack isn’t enough, there will also be an  SNK Online Shop exclusive limited edition worth ¥30,000. The limited edition includes a special case made to look like a Neo Geo ROM cartridge, and artbook, and an original illustration by artist Yumi Saji.

Samurai Shodown SNK Shop Limited Edition

Finally, SNK announced that the game will be part of the SNK World Championship alongside The King of Fighters XIV. Players who do well in the championship will receive support and sponsorship from them.