Samurai Shodown Season Two DLC announced ahead of Season One’s launch

SNK seems confident about Samurai Shodown‘s staying power. After all, not only did it sell out in Japan, it was the fourth most attended game at Evo 2019. The company is so confident that even though Season One is just launching this week, it already announced that Samurai Shodown Season Two would be arriving next year.

The announcement came as part of a trailer that was released during last night’s Evo stream. More importantly, the trailer announced much more than just the game’s season season of content.

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Before Samurai Shodown Season Two hits, the game’s Season One DLC characters will arrive on an accelerated schedule. Following this week’s addition of Rimururu, SNK will be releasing one DLC character every month until December, for a total of five DLC characters.

For anyone wondering if the developers at SNK miscounted, no they did not. In addition to the four previously revealed characters, veteran character Shizumaru Hisame will be added to the game as a “special present” this coming September. Shizumaru will be available for download for free, and even players who missed out on the game’s season pass (which was free up until June 30) will be able to get him.

Coming back to Season Two, SNK also revealed the first character that’s joining the roster: Mina Majikina. The series’ only archer is the first of four DLC characters for this season. The trailer notes that she was one of the most most popular characters in a DLC character poll by hosted Dengeki Online. This poll could hint at the identities of the other Season Two characters.

Finally, the trailer also revealed something not related to Samurai Shodown. Specifically, it officially announced that the King of Fighters 15 is currently in development. KOF 15 was first hinted at during a SNK IPO press conference in South Korea last year. However, this is the first time SNK has publicly acknowledged it. The trailer didn’t give a release date for the game, however the same press conference hints that it’ll arrive sometime in 2020.