Evil Dead The Game will get gameplay reveal at Summer Game Fest this week

There will be a full Evil Dead The Game E3 2021 reveal this week, developer Saber Interactive has revealed. The Evil Dead E3 appearance will be on June 10 as part of the Summer Game Fest celebration, and to go along with this Saber showed off the first look at main character Ash’s sister Cheryl Williams. The reveal will include the first look at Evil Dead The Game gameplay.

Evil Dead The Game E3 2021 gameplay reveal coming June 10

Evil Dead The Game E3 2021

The first gameplay for Evil Dead: The Game is coming as part of the Summer Game Fest season of events and will debut this Thursday, June 10. As part of the announcement, the official Twitter account posted the first look at Cheryl Williams, younger sister of Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams. Cheryl last appeared in the Ash Vs Evil Dead TV series but is best known as the first person to become a Deadite in the original Evil Dead movie.

Other than a brief CGI trailer at the Game Awards last December not much is known about Evil Dead: The Game, other than it appearing to be a four-player horror combat game in the style of Left 4 Dead, Dead By Daylight, or Saber Interactive’s own World War Z: The Game. The Dead By Daylight comparison is apt since Ash Williams’ last gaming appearance was as DLC for that game. Evil Dead: The Game was first announced as in the works by Bruce Campbell himself way back in 2018, so if it’s getting a gameplay reveal this week then it may even get a 2021 release date too.

In other E3 horror news, fans are disappointed that Warner Bros is only showing off the Left 4 Dead-like Back 4 Blood rather than Gotham Knights or Hogwarts Legacy. Furthermore, the creepy Ghostwire: Tokyo will likely make an appearance at the Xbox/Bethesda conference on June 13.