Samurai Shodown season pass is free for early buyers

SNK has announced that it’s giving away the Samurai Shodown season pass to early adopters. Players who either pre-order or purchase the game within a few days of its release date will get the entire season pass for free.

The Osaka-based company recently released a new trailer for Samurai Shodown. As part of this, the trailer revealed that buyers who buy the game before June 30 will be getting the season pass for free.

SNK currently has four downloadable characters planned for Samurai Shodown. These will be released every two months, starting in August.

Samurai Shodown arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25 in North America, while Japan gets the game three days later. The trailer didn’t state if Japanese buyers have to purchase the game by the same date to get the season pass, or if they can get it for free at all.

The rest of the trailer itself mostly focuses on giving an overview of the upcoming reboot. This includes a look at some of the game’s mechanics, notably including its emphasis on fundamentals over combos, as well as the series’ trademark “Rage Gauge.” Additionally, the trailer confirms that the reboot is actually a prequel to the original Samurai Shodown from 1993.

The trailer of course goes over one of the game’s most unique features, its “Dojo.” Samurai Shodown’s Dojo will use a neural network to allow a player to create a “ghost” that plays based on how the player’s performance. Of course, players can both share their ghosts and download ghosts from other players. This includes any professional players who share their ghosts.

Of course, Samurai Shodown will also be making its way to the PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in the winter. The question then is whether SNK will have the same free season pass promotion for these versions when they launch.