Norman Reedus Death Stranding figure teased by Hideo Kojima

Norman Reedus Death Stranding figure has been revealed by Hideo Kojima on his official Twitter account. The imagery shown is a prototype of a “Figma”, a line of movable action figures produced in Japan by Max Factory. Figmas particularly stand out from the rest thanks to an increased number of points of articulation, allowing for a greater range of poses and more overall versatility in movement as compared to other action figures on the market.

Below, you can check out the tweet showing off the figure of Norman Reedus’ Death Stranding character, Sam:

The first set of images showing off the Norman Reedus Death Stranding figure gives us a good look at the front of the prototype. There’s certainly a high level of detail as compared to something you’d buy on a rack at a toy store. The prototype Figma isn’t yet painted; prototypes of this fashion typically only show off the physical detail on the model and the points of articulation.

Mr. Kojima followed up his first tweet with a second that let us get a good look at the back of the Figma:

Once again, the level of detail in this miniature rendition of Norman Reedus is readily apparent. Individual belts and straps can be seen on the mysterious backpack that carries some kind of device used in the game. We can also see a boot on the left side of the backpack and some kind of a rifle on the right side.

What remains to be seen is what exactly the Norman Reedus Death Stranding figure will be used for. Is this going to be something that will come with the Collector’s Edition or is this simply going to be one of the many collectible products that will be available after the game’s release? As with all things Kojima, it’s a mystery that we’ll have to wait to find out — and even then, we might not understand it.