Overwatch Storm Rising event coming next week

A new Archives event will be gracing Overwatch next week. Blizzard has dropped a new trailer that reveals that the event, called Storm Rising, will take place from April 16 to May 6.

Archives events are in-game events that allow players to experience pivotal moments in Overwatch‘s lore. Players can join in on cooperative, story-driven missions that are based on important moments from the game’s backstory.

Exclusive Archives Loot Boxes are also made available during these events to encourage players to play. These are available only during these Archives events. Unlocking these gives players access to new cosmetic skins, highlight intros, emotes, and sprays based on moments from Overwatch’s past.

Prior to Storm Rising, Blizzard had already hosted 2 Archive events. 2017’s Uprising featured heroes Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy to fight Null Sector in London despite orders from the Prime Minister not to do so. It had the team fighting throughout the city delivering a bomb to the Null Sector headquarters and defeat them.

On the other hand, 2018’s Retribution had players take control Overwatch’s secret strike force Blackwatch. Agents McRee, and Genji, as well as a pre-Reaper Gabriel Reyes and Moira before they had defected to Talon, are out on a mission to arrest a VIP. This mission eventually goes awry and forcing players to fight their way out.

As for Storm Rising, Blizzard’s teaser indicates that it involves Overwatch trying to capture Doomfist by investigating his accountant for any criminal activity. Involved in the mission are Tracer,  Mercy, Winstong, and Genji.

The Archives events have been a great way for Blizzard to expand on Overwatch‘s universe while giving casual players a reason to play the game. The PvE-focused nature of the events give players not interested in the game’s esports component something to look forward to each year. Interested players should check Storm Rising out when it arrives next week.