Fortnite anti-stream sniping solution is on its way

Stream sniping is a problem that many popular Fortnite streamers face. Now, it seems that Epic Games is working on a solution to combat Fortnite stream sniping.

The fix’s existence was revealed in a recent thread on the competitive Fortnite subreddit. Redditor datboyakin made a thread suggesting a method to help address stream sniping by giving the streaming player a different skin than the on-air opponent sees. An Epic Games representative going by the handle DanDaDaDanDan replied that such a feature is actually in development. Sadly, this feature missed the release window for the 8.30 update.

Stream sniping doesn’t affect just Fortnite. Any game where players cannot see what others are seeing can be affected by stream sniping. As such, it affects most genres of competitive video games and esports. Adding a significant amount of delay to the broadcast has usually been the solution to this. However, this affects streamers who try to engage with their audiences, who are now a significant amount of time behind.

The issue has only become bigger as streamers become more well known. A growing number of players now resort to stream sniping to try to score wins against these players in an effort to gain a bit of fame and notoriety.

If Epic’s stream sniping solution works like the solution suggestion posted on the competitive Fortnite subreddit, the fix wont totally eliminate the problem. Rather, it would instead as an extra layer of protection against it. At the very least, stream snipers may not immediately identify someone on their screen as the person they are trying to snipe. This can help reduce the advantage the sniper has.

Of course, a streamer’s best defense is a combination of known solutions, including this one. Instead of delaying their streams by a huge margin, Fortnite streamers can use a smaller amount of delay that doesn’t impact interacting with their viewers with Epics upcoming solution.

All that needs to happen now is for Epic to release the Fortnite stream sniping fix in a future update.