Get to know Borderlands 3’s new Vault Hunters

As with previous titles, Borderlands 3 will be bringing with it a set of brand new playable Vault Hunters. Now, we finally get to learn who these Vault Hunters are and what they bring to the table.

A feature on Gamespot has revealed the identities and, more importantly, the abilities of these four new Vault Hunters. As with Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, two of the Vault Hunters are female while the other two are male.

The Gunner

Moze takes the traditional Borderlands Gunner class and adds a new spin on it. Unlike her predecessors who used stationary turrets, Moze brings with her Iron Bear, a mech that she can summon to fight with her. Iron Bear means that Moze is much more mobile that previous gunners such as Roland or Axton. In cooperative play, Moze’s teammates can also ride inside Iron Bear and use the turret mounted on its head.

borderlands 3 moze

The Siren

A numbered Borderlands game wouldn’t be complete without a Siren. However, newcomer Amara focuses more on melee combat compared to previous Sirens. Her ability involves summoning a number of ethereal arms around her body that she can use to pummel baddies with. This means Amara plays much closer to brawlers like Brick when compared to her predecessors.

borderlands 3 amara

The Beastmaster

For players who happen to be animal lovers, Borderlands 3‘s FL4K comes with the ability to command a number of pets.  The pets include familiar Borderlands beasts such as Skags. Each pet looks to have its own unique abilities, but Gearbox has yet to reveal what these are.

borderlands 3 fl4k

The Operative

Sneaking in at last, but not least, we have new Vault Hunter Zane, who fills in the stealth class for Borderlands 3. Instead of disappearing from view like his predecessors, Zane uses a decoy to draw his opponents attention so he can sneak up and kill them. He also carries a few other gadgets, including an attack drone that supports him in battle.

Aside from its plethora of guns, Borderlands games are known for the characters that players can use, and the abilities they bring. This new batch of Vault Hunters for Borderlands 3 looks to continue that tradition, bringing more unique twists to a successful formula.