No Straight Roads Welcome To Vinyl City trailer shows us the power of rock

The No Straight Roads Welcome To Vinyl City trailer is here and it has revealed a pretty rockin’ game! This brand-new title from Malaysian studio Metronomik will pit the power of rock music against the energy of EDM. The trailer opens with the game’s main character Mayday introducing herself and singing a song that establishes the situation in the world. Vinyl City once played their music freely until the villainous NSR took over to establish an empire of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), something that is a very different style of music when compared to rock.

We then get to see some action scenes in the No Straight Roads Welcome to Vinyl City trailer. Mayday and her drummer partner Zuke are shown battling a gigantic DJ on a galactic-themed level. A montage of several different areas of the world can be seen, ranging from the surreal to the downright strange. We’re shown what is presumably a few different enemies along with some scenes from the duo’s home base including a workshop where players can upgrade their instruments. The trailer then concludes with the release window for No Straight Roads, being revealed as sometime in 2019.

A post on the PlayStation Blog has some more details about what we saw in the No Straight Roads Welcome to Vinyl City trailer. No Straight Roads is the inaugural game from development studio Metronomik, a company founded by Final Fantasy XV Lead Game Designer Wan Hazmer and Street Fighter 5 Concept Artist Daim Dziauddin. While some might think this is a rhythm game, No Straight Roads is actually an action-adventure game closed to titles like Kingdom Hearts or Devil May Cry; the game simply has a musical theme. The PlayStation Blog post is also tagged with “PSVR,” so this game may very well be launching with virtual reality support.

We’re sure to hear more about No Straight Roads in the coming months. You can watch the No Straight Roads Welcome To Vinyl City trailer for yourself below. It’s expected to release sometime in 2019 for the PC and PS4. You can learn more about the game and its developers by heading on over to Metronomik’s website.